Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 11

Henry had a good night last night. I am beginning to feel like I need to come up with a new way to say that. I don't want to mislead anyone with the word "good." It's so very relative. Our new definition of "good" is that nothing scary happened last night. He doesn't appear to be declining. He is stable and showing very small improvements.

A clear picture of Henry is that he is on an oscillator, which has taken over the job of breathing for him so that his body can rest while it fights off the numerous infections which are threatening his life. He is heavily sedated and often needs additional medicine to be paralyzed because sometimes he starts to move around a bit and they have noticed changes in his vitals when this happens. We really need for him to just rest peacefully as the many treatments (antibiotics, blood transfusions, platelets, etc) do their work.

Our sweet boy does not look like himself right now. His whole body is swollen from the medications, and while they can give him (and have given) some lasix for this, it's a delicate balance and they have to watch his blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, ventilation, etc. One affects the other, which affects the other and so on. Sort of like "If You Give a Pig a Pancake," but not nearly as much fun.

The diagnosis of what caused all this (a virus is suspected but not confirmed) is still a mystery and may always be. Last week, diagnosis seemed important. Now, as I watch my baby fight for his life, I don't care what the initial cause may have been. I'm sure I'll care again later, but for now I just want my Henry back.

Scott and I feel so loved and truly appreciate all of the prayers and concern from our dear friends and family and what feels like thousands of others who are lifting us up.

Prayer Requests:
* Continued improvement. We are taking baby steps, but they are in the right direction.
* Our older boys, who haven't seen us much and are also very worried about the brother they adore.
* Strength and endurance for us and for my mom who is watching the kids so much of the time while she is dealing with the emotional toll as well.


  1. Henry and your family have not left my mind since all this started. I pray constantly throughout the days for his healing and your families strength, which I will continue to do. I love you guys and I know God is listening to all our prayers.

    Love, Katie Steele

  2. It's good to hear a bit more detail and have more direction on specifics to pray for. There are soo many believers who are praying without ceasing for all of you. We are praying for God to heal Henry's body. Much love,
    The Blights

  3. thank you, k for giving such articulate news about henry. i check every day, throughout the day many times, and you are so good to let us all know who care about you and scott and henry (and ed. and will. too) we love you.

  4. Found you from Buzzings from a Queen Bee...
    Praying, praying, praying for all of you and for the strength of your little Henry.

  5. Hi frin, I'm so glad you are giving detailed updates on your blog so that we know how to pray specifically.

  6. From many miles away my dear friend Sara immediately began posting updates for your Henry on her fb status and I have been adding my voice to many others beseeching the throne. As I read your update just now and ended in praying for Henry to the specifics you posted, I wanted to share the picture I saw as I prayed. As you sit by his side, God's hand rests upon Henry's heart and another under his head, his breathing is even and his numbers are strong and there is a great peace over your little man as the infections are leaving His body. I really felt the need to tell you about it and to let you know that Henry is the hands of the great physician and that you are surrounded and borne up on the wings of many many prayers and will continue to be so until this nightmare is at an end. God bless you and your sons. I couldn't imagine this happening to any one of our three boys, let alone the littlest of them.

  7. Hi Kara,

    Alison passed your blog on to me (I'm Josh's sister) and I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for sweet Henry and for you all~ Sarah

  8. I am so glad you are giving updates on here! I still check it often! Please know that we are praying!! Henry (as well as your whole family) hasn't left my mind sine I heard....
    Praying for skillful hands and wisdom for the doctors. Praying for HIS amazing peace for you Scott and your boys. Praying for complete healing on precious Henry's body! Trusting God .... as He loves Henry more than we can imagine!

  9. I don't know you but I am a friend of Beth Snyders and just want you to know that you, Henry and the rest of your family are constantly in my prayers. I pray that he makes a full recovery and that God give you strength through this.

  10. Sending a prayer for you and your family and for a quick recovery from whatever this is. Our little ones can turn around very quickly and amaze us all. Let's pray that happens.