Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Months Old

Still too busy to blog these days, but I thought I would add some fall photos of the kings. Henry is two months old today and is just wonderful. He has increased his intake and gained some weight, so the feeding clinic "graduated" him. With our hectic days, I was happy to scratch that off the list! He was recently evaluated by Early Intervention and qualified for OT services, which should be starting that next week (with a focus on feeding and head control). He has the sweetest disposition and still doesn't cry or fuss much unless it's tummy time, but if William is there talking to him, he tolerates it much longer! :) I do hope to be able to write more here as we settle into our new routine and am even considering posting some of the activities we do at home as a part of the blog. Til then. . .enjoy the photos!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Catching Up

What ever gave me the idea that I would have time to blog while taking care of three kids, a house and a part time job? I am realizing that some things just won’t fit into my day, and blogging (if you haven’t noticed) has had to get in line behind other, more pressing duties. Still, I would love to post updates whenever I get a free moment, and I happen to have one little moment this morning (thanks, Diego)!

Believe it or not, Henry is already one month old!! As you can see from the recent photos, he has changed so much already (along with everything else in our daily lives, it seems).

It was quite a surprise arrival! Scott was out of town serving as the best man in a wedding. I was nervously trying to just get through the weekend without him, hoping I wouldn’t go into labor (but never really thinking it would happen!!). When he left on Thursday, I packed a hospital bag for myself and an overnight bag for the boys in case they needed to stay with someone. I was reassured when my friend Alison joked, “You’re prepared, so it won’t happen!” By Saturday night, I was breathing a sigh of relief that we had gotten past the wedding and Scott would be returning the following evening. I spoke to him around midnight, told him I’d see him at the airport, and went to bed. Just three hours later, I woke up and immediately realized that my water had broken. Panicking for a split second, I reminded myself that I had rehearsed this scenario in my mind and was as prepared as I could be. I called Scott in New Hampshire, my parents in Ohio, and Alison who lives just a few minutes away – all of them knew it had to be me when their phones rang at 3 am! Alison took me to the hospital while her husband Josh watched 5 boys (my two and their three)!

Despite our best efforts to wait for Scott (who managed to get an early flight and would arrive around noon), Henry was born at 9:07 am. I am so grateful for a friend like Alison, who stayed with me and was even there at the birth to welcome Henry and be the first to hold him (apart from the doctors and nurses) and videotape his first moments. Since I had a c-section, I didn’t get to hold him right away, but got to see him and kiss his sweet face before they took him to the nursery.

It was a LONG day after that. Scott arrived around noon as expected, but Henry still wasn’t with us. Late that afternoon, our pediatrician came in and told us he was having trouble transitioning (he had low heart and breathing rates), and they wanted him to be stabilized a bit more (they were deciding whether or not to send him to the NICU). Fortunately, he improved and they brought him to us at 5:30 pm. He stayed on the heart/apnea monitor during our 5 day stay at the hospital, but improved every day and was able to come home without the monitor. Apart from that tiny scare, the only problems we have had are some feeding issues. Henry never got the hang of nursing and was rapidly losing weight after we got home. He is now on a high calorie formula and is finally gaining weight (though still only takes about 1 - 2 oz at a time on average).

He is a wonderful sleeper and a really easy baby! He doesn’t cry much, and his cry isn’t very loud (though I’m sure his brothers will teach him how to speak up for himself). Every minute with him is a JOY! There is much more to say, but this is a long post already . . . and little people are getting hungry for lunch! ☺